Online sales and customer portals for B2B and B2C using the best platforms, pre-flight tools, and online designers on the market.

  • We are working with the best of breed tools on the market to bring you a eCommerce solution supporting both B2B and B2C.
  • Advanced online designers for both Printing and Packaging products gives the customer support for designing their own print files.
  • Customer online portals gives the customer the possibility to monitor order history, create repeat orders and update their customer card.


Automize your manual processes and integrate your solutions with a complete end-to-end platform powered by API's, automation, and AI.

We build workflows to automate your sales and production using the latest technology.


Handle your customer relations, sales pipelines, and track sales activities to make your sales operations efficient and streamlined.

  • Handle companies relations with categorization and segmentations.
  • Infinite amount of contacts and addresses with individual categorization.
  • Build enterprise relations between companies.
  • Work with project opportunities to collect all related activities.
  • Track performed and upcoming sales activities to analyze the progress and result  of your sales pipe.


Full calculation support for all types of printing and packaging products. Detailed pre-calculations of all operations and articles.

  • Advanced configuration to handle all types of production scenarios.
  • AI-based workflows to support automatic production scenarios and cost/time comparisons.
  • Hourly cost calculation on production machines.
  • Work with markups or customer specific price lists to define pricing.
  • Procurement module to handle external work.
  • Pre-calculation to analyze each job for profitability, production time and production plan.

Web approval

Allow your customers to approve quotes and orders online to automate order conversion, data collection and production.

  • Handle incoming e-mails automatically.
  • Let customers approve quotes and automate order conversion
  • Let customer approve orders and automate production.


Automatically plan and schedule all operations in your business in one integrated solution using multiple views for different operations.

  • Individual planning of single orders.
  • Batch planning of multiple orders including pre-sorting.
  • Detailed re-planning on a single planning card or a whole sequence.
  • Load balancing of production through grouping of planning cards based on production place or operator.
  • Multiple calendar views like day, week, month, list or gantt for better overview of your production.

Production/Data Collection

Production overview and digital work orders together with full data collection of time and material consumptions from all operations.

  • Reporting on time and material consumption.
  • Manual operator reporting.
  • Automatic start and stop operations through API-integration with production equipment and workflows.


Warehouse management of raw materials and finished goods. Full support of the entire purchase process, tracking, fore casting and analysis of stock items.

  • Stock balance and stock value of all articles.
  • Automatic purchase calculation based on order reservation, stock level, inbound deliveries and minimum quantity in stock.
  • Stock transaction log for tracking all warehouse activities.
  • Support for multiple warehouses and purchasing units.


Manage all internal and external transports to and from customers. Including fright documentation and integrated track & trace.

  • Integrated ordering of transports from a wide range of European carriers.
  • Integrated transport cost calculation from your carrier contracts.
  • Track and trace of transport tracking and location.


Single and collective invoicing through email or e-Invoicing. Handle reminders, credits, and financial integrations.

  • Single and collected invoicing.
  • Send invoices as PDF on email, print or e-Invoice.
  • Handle reminders and credits.
  • Financial reporting such as ledgers and accounting information.
  • Open integration to financial systems.

Business Intelligence

Analyze performance, efficiency and profitability in all operations to provide fact-based decision making with dashboards, reports and KPI’s.

  • Post-calculation of individual orders showing actual post-production performance vs estimated performance.
  • Aggregated data from sales, production and management.
  • Integrated drill-down to analyze different time periods or segments.
  • Visualization in dashboards, reports and KPI’s.


Integrate with your existing eco-system of software and machines for a completely  automated AI-powered end-to-end solution supporting all types of integration standards.

  • Rest-API for 2-way data integration between Omikai and external systems and services.
  • Extracting data for external analysis or integrations.
  • Feed data from external system or machine integration.

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